How Long Can Swelling Last After Labiaplasty Surgery?

By: James Nachbar, MD, FACS


If you have experienced physical discomfort or embarrassment due to the size and shape of your labia, you are not alone. At Scottsdale Plastic Surgery, double board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. James Nachbar (board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery) has helped countless women find their confidence and live more active lives with labiaplasty surgery. 

This innovative surgery, which can be done through several approaches, removes excess labial tissue to improve the aesthetic appeal of the intimate areas while reducing discomfort during certain activities. If you're considering labiaplasty in Scottsdale, AZ, we are happy to answer any questions so you can know what to expect and enjoy a smoother recovery. Several of the office staff have had labiaplasty by Dr. Nachbar, and they will be happy to share their personal experiences. 

What is labiaplasty? 

Labiaplasty is a surgical intervention aimed at reducing the size of the labia minora, the inner folds at the opening of the vagina. For some women, the size of their labia can cause physical discomfort and issues with their self-image. A labiaplasty procedure can address these issues, making it a potentially life-changing operation. 

Who might benefit from labiaplasty surgery? 

Labiaplasty surgery can be beneficial to a diverse range of women. Those who experience discomfort or pain while participating in certain activities, such as cycling, horseback riding, sex, or even walking, due to the size or shape of their labia might find significant relief after the surgery. 

Moreover, labiaplasty can assist women who feel self-conscious about the appearance of their labia, significantly improving their self-confidence, comfort, and overall quality of life. Many women have observed that the size of their labia produces a noticeable and embarrassing bulge in tight clothing or swimwear. 

During your consultation, Dr. Nachbar will review your specific concerns and help you determine if you're an ideal candidate for labiaplasty and which surgical approach is most suitable. 

How difficult is labiaplasty recovery? 

The recovery period after labiaplasty is generally manageable. As with most surgeries, it's normal to experience some degree of discomfort, bleeding, and swelling after labiaplasty. The majority of swelling after labiaplasty usually resolves within the first two weeks. However, it's not uncommon for minor swelling to persist for a month or two. Regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Nachbar in Scottsdale, AZ, can help monitor your healing progress, address any concerns, and ensure a smoother labiaplasty recovery. 

What can I do to avoid injury after labiaplasty? 

Proper post-operative care is crucial to avoid complications and ensure a successful labiaplasty recovery. To mitigate the risk of injury and minimize swelling after labiaplasty, here are some guidelines:  

  • Refrain from strenuous physical activities and exercises for at least four weeks after surgery, and avoid direct pressure on the labial area or sex for eight weeks after surgery. Walking or sitting should not be a problem. This is to allow your body sufficient time to heal and allow adequate strength at the surgical site. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing and cotton underwear to minimize irritation and ensure good airflow around the surgical area. 
  • Maintain excellent hygiene to avoid infection, taking extra care when washing and drying the surgical area. 
  • A cold compress can help reduce swelling after labiaplasty, but you should avoid applying any creams or harsh cleansers to the area (instead, use mild soap and warm water to gently clean yourself as you heal). 
  • Follow the post-operative instructions provided by Dr. Nachbar and schedule regular follow-up appointments. Every patient is unique, so we can offer more specific labiaplasty recovery guidelines based on your case. 

Learn more about labiaplasty in Scottsdale, AZ  

At Scottsdale Plastic Surgery, we are committed to providing exceptional care and support throughout your labiaplasty treatment. Dr. James Nachbar and the rest of our team prioritize the health, comfort, and satisfaction of our patients, no matter their needs. 

If you're interested in learning more about labiaplasty, including the recovery process and whether you're a suitable candidate, schedule a consultation at our Scottsdale, AZ plastic surgery office. We're here to help you navigate every step of your treatment.

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