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Fat Transfer in Scottsdale, AZ

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About Fat Transfers

When someone loses/gains weight or ages, they lose that smooth and plump look in various body features where volume was once plentiful. Look at a child or a young person: notice how full and round their face is compared to that of an older person.

Indeed, careful photographic comparisons of individuals in photographs taken when they were younger to photographs taken today demonstrate that loss of volume with aging is much more striking than drooping or skin laxity.

A new way to regain this lost volume is through an aesthetic procedure known as fat grafting (a fat transfer).

This treatment takes fat from a section on the body, and transfers it to another area that could use additional volume.

A fat transfer can be used on large areas such as the buttocks or breasts or on delicate features such as the lower eyelid, cheeks, or lips.

Fat grafting and transfers are generally chosen when a patient desires a longer-lasting result compared to having fillers or implants.

Scottsdale, AZ plastic surgeon Dr. James Nachbar incorporates the most effective methods for performing fat transfers. This body contouring treatment at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery creates smooth and beautiful outcomes.

Ideal Candidates

Individuals who want additional fullness on the body or face that appear hollow, thin, or deflated may be great candidates for a fat transfer.

This procedure is even more advantageous because it provides a natural approach to create results by using the patient's own fat.

Men and women considering this treatment at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery must be at a healthy weight and have fat to remove for the transfer. Furthermore, patients must avoid tobacco use, as the nicotine in tobacco interferes with the blood supply needed for the transferred fat to survive.

Surgical Technique

When small amounts of fat need to be transferred, the procedure is often done under local anesthetic.

The method of sedation or numbing medication will be based upon how much fat is being extracted and the location of where it will be reinstated.

Liposuction is first performed via a thin, special cannula to carefully remove and take the fat, and it will then be purified and transferred to small syringes for transfer.

Very tiny amounts of fat are placed in microinjections, to maximize the amount of fat that will survive in its new location.

After preparing the injection site, the healthy fat tissue will be added to the area that needs volume. The injection process is performed in layers until evenness has been attained. For certain body parts, multiple injections will be needed.

What to Expect

The length of recovery will vary substantially, based on the amount of fat transferred and the area treated.  However, in order for the fat to survive in its new location, new blood supply must come to the fat.  Movement and shearing, in particular, can slow or prevent this growth of new blood supply, so minimizing movement of the area to which fat has been transferred is important.  In addition, shearing or sliding on the area should be avoided.

The sites affected will appear red and slightly swollen, but the visible outcomes can be seen almost immediately. An additional bonus is the area where fat was extracted will appear slimmer. Some resorption of the transferred fat is expected, and not all of the transferred fat survives.

For some, a subsequent additional transfer may be desired down the road. There is minimal scarring associated with with this procedure.

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Take the Natural Approach

If you wish to attain fuller lips or fill in lines and wrinkles, this treatment may be a great option. Moreover, a fat transfer works very well for the body, such as the breasts and buttock. There also are many other alternatives for enhancement. We invite you to call to schedule your consult with Dr. Nachbar at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery.

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