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About Lip Enhancement

The lips are a prominent landmark on any woman's face, and women have enhanced the appearance of the lips since time immemorial with lipstick and other makeup.

Now, improved techniques allow us to safely and reliably enhance the lips beyond what is possible with makeup.

The pink part of the lip is called the "vermillion," and it goes from the "white line" where the vermillion meets the skin, back to the "red line" between the skin-like vermillion on the outside of the lip and the moister pink mucosa on the inside of the lip.

Of course, the lips are very sensitive, so some sort of anesthetic is often used.  The common fillers are generally mixed with a local anesthetic to reduce the discomfort of injection. 

Topical anesthetics can also be applied, but generally take an hour or so to be most effective.  These work best when applied by the patient between an hour and an hour and a half before her appointment.

Perhaps the most effective anesthetic is usually called a "dental block," because it makes the whole lip area numb, even though dentists would never place local anesthetic that way (they are more interested in numbing the teeth than the lips!)

Lip Enhancement Techniques

Depending on your needs and goals the following approaches can be taken:


The most common approach to lip enhancement uses fillers, because they are readily available, safe, and very effective. While some patients want a very dramatic result with substantial enlargement, which is certainly possible, others want a more natural result.

In any case, the artistic touch is critical when doing lip enhancement will fillers. It is also important to understand the internal anatomy of the lips, including the location of the blood vessels, to reduce the chance of problems.

The most subtle lip enhancement, and the most common, involves putting a controlled amount of filler along the margin of the vermillion (the pink part of the lip, as opposed to the skin on the outside and the mucosa on the inside).

Further lip enhancement can be done by placing a larger amount of filler within the vermillion itself.

I always do the lip injections very slowly, especially if you have not had them before, so that we do not "overshoot" and produce more lip enhancement than you want.

While modern fillers are much longer lasting, and some of the filler probably remains for about a year and a half, many patients will want to add additional filler after about nine months or so, as it goes down slowly over time.

Fat Transfer and Lip Lift

Other options for surgical lip enhancement include Fat Transfer and Lip Lift.

Fat transfer involves taking a small amount of fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the lips as a fat graft. Then, the surrounding tissue sends blood vessels into the transferred fat to keep it alive after the transfer.

The percentage of fat that will survive is variable, but most patients get at least some long-lasting lip enhancement with this technique. You can improve your chances by minimizing movement of your lips in the first week or two following the transfer.

Fat transfer does produce much more swelling, for one to two weeks, than filler injection, but can produce a longer-lasting result.

A Lip Lift procedure can also be done to enhance the appearance of the lips. There are several possible techniques, but one technique removes some skin from just below the nose, to pull the skin upward and thus turn more of the pink vermillion forward. This can be combined with other techniques which increase the volume of the lips.


An excellent option for a woman who wants a more permanent lip enhancement is to use the PermaLip™ silicone rubber lip implant. This is a surgical procedure that Dr. Nachbar does in the office under local anesthetic.

The PermaLip implants come in various sizes, both different lengths and different thicknesses. The length will be determined by measurement of the length of the lip, but the thickness is determined by the amount of lip enlargement desired. Sometimes, if the upper lip needs more enlargement than the lower lip, different thickness implants can be used in each lip.

After the area is anesthetized with local anesthetic and cleaned, a small incision is made on each of the two corners of the mouth. The pocket is created in the lip using a dissector, and once the tunnel has been made, the soft silicone PermaLip implant is pulled into place with a surgical tendon passer. Both the upper and lower lips can be treated through a single incision at each end of the lips.

There is more swelling and recovery with lip implants than with injections, but once this has healed, patients have told me that the implants are very soft and comfortable, and that neither they nor their partners can feel the implants when kissing.

I generally recommend that women use injectable fillers for their first lip enhancement, so they can decide how much they like the enhancement with a solution that does not make a permanent change. However, when they want a more permanent solution, the PermaLip implant can be used.

Should the woman later decide she wants to remove the implant, it can be done through a small incision just inside the center of the lip.

It is also possible to get additional lip enhancement using fillers after the PermaLip implant is placed.

Mother of One - Scottsdale, AZ - Dr. Nachbar has been great in my opinion. I have been seeing him for botox and fillers (lips) for more than a few years. Originally went in for breast revision, decided not to for now (was going to exchange sizes to smaller). However, have decided to do regular in office facial treatments. (botox, juvaderm). Very comfortable with Dr NaAmbar, treating my face. He will also do a dental...

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Lip Enhancement - Very professional and straight to the point. Very welcoming staff.

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Free at Last! No More Lip Prison! - Over a decade ago I had Gortex implant surgery in Los Angles and have hated the hardness of the implant. I actually hated my lips for years! I finally decided to have my implants removed and I am so grateful to have found Dr. Nachbar. My results are wonderful! Soft lips again! My mouth is no longer in a prison! The attention to detail and the results are excellent. If you are seeking a highly skilled surgeon that also has an artistic eye then go to Dr. Nachbar. His entire staff are fantastic. Thank you!

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What to Expect from A Lip Enhancement

While the result from injection of off-the-shelf filler is immediate, with only a little swelling, generally for just a few hours, PermaLip lip implant, fat transfer, and lip lift involve more swelling and recovery.

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Should I get implants, a fat transfer, or fillers?

Depending on your specific wants, Dr. Nachbar can help you choose between a fat transfer, implants, and dermal fillers for your lip augmentation procedure. If you're unsure about which option you want or nervous about an invasive procedure, injectable fillers might be a better choice. You can get more comfortable with Dr. Nachbar and determine how much volume you want before moving on to lip implants or a fat transfer. During your initial consultation, Dr. Nachbar will discuss the pros and cons of all your options, so you may decide which one you want.

Do lip implants look fake?

Implants are made with a silicone material that look and feel natural. With His years of training, Dr. Nachbar performs lip augmentation so your results will look natural, but beautiful. In your initial consultation, He will discuss the shape and size of upper and/or lower lip implants to achieve your goals. In a 2 – 3 months, your implants will settle into place and the inflammation will be gone so you may enjoy your results.

Are lip enhancement results reversible?

Usually, most patients are very happy with their results. Typically lip enhancements are understood to be irreversible, unless injectables which wear off over time are used, so it is important to be absolutely certain about the decision prior to getting one. Although, if you end up being discouraged with your new look, it might be possible to acquire a revision in some instances. The specialists at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery are able to respond to any questions or concerns and more when you come for your consultation.

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