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About Breast Reduction Surgery

More information about Breast Reduction, including more before and after pics, is available here.

Excessively large breasts can cause physical and social setbacks for women. In addition, extremely large breasts can create insecurity issues and embarrassment, as well as joint pain.

Dr. James Nachbar is a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ who has helped countless women regain their confidence and enjoy the life they want through a cosmetic breast reduction.

Breast reduction is a dramatic procedure that can change your life.  You will thank us every time you stand up!

Breast reduction at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery reduces excess breast tissue and skin to recontour the breasts to a smaller and healthier size. It also reduces the size of the areolae and repositions them so they appear normal with the new breast size.

The breast reduction procedure includes a breast lift, but adds the reduction of breast tissue to the breast lift.

Breast reduction can also be combined with at least a small breast implant, to not only reduce the size of the breasts and correct the loose and hanging tissue, but also bring back the perkiness of the breasts that you remember.

Ideal Candidates

If you suffer from heavy and overly large breasts that interfere with daily life, a surgical breast reduction may be a good option to achieve the body you want.

This surgery is ideal for women who deal with frustration about the large size of their breasts or are not able to lead an active life because of the heaviness of their breasts.

Moreover, if you have ongoing issues, such as back pain or neck pain, this surgery can often greatly diminish these annoyances.

Because the breast tissue and nipple are freed from the surrounding skin, it is critical for breast reduction that you not smoke or "vape" for at least four weeks before and after surgery, to reduce the risk that some of the breast tissue or nipple will be damaged.

Arm Lift, Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation - For starters, the entire team is always friendly and welcoming! Dr. Nachbar is a kind, patient and a meticulously excellent surgeon. Dr. Nachbar's patient coordinator, Amber is an absolute gem! Amber and Dr. Nachbar helped me each step of the way and made breast implant size recommendations that would compliment my figure. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this practice!

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If I could give 6 stares I would , Dr. Nachbar did my breast reduction and lift in 2015. I chose him due to his impeccable reputation and revision capabilities. I was thrilled with the outcome. Most recently I fell and broke my nose unfortunately I had 8 reconstruction surgeries many year ago. Doctor's office staff understood my total panic and fear . Dr. Nachbar not only agreed to do my surgery but scheduled me within two weeks from the date of the fall. His entire office team were so compassionate and kind and did all they could to accommodate and support me. My surgical outcome was wonderful and I received the BEST OF CARE from beginning to end. It is rare combination in todays time to fine a Top notch surgeon with a great team of truly compassion people who go the extra mile . NEVER FORGET THE DIFFERENCE YOU MAKE IN SOMEONE'S LIFE. My very Sincere Thank you, to you all Joan Rodgers

J.R. Google

Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Rhinoplasty - He is highly skilled surgeon, in 2015 he performed a breast reduction and breast lift. I was so very happy with the result and treatment I received from his staff and Doctor as well. In 2022 I fell and broke my nose , it was very traumatic as I had had 8 reconstructive surgeries previously. I was physically hurt but the emotional pain was so much greater. My fear was that my nose could not be repaired after so many surgeries. Doctor quickly scheduled me for surgery and the compassion from all of his staff was incredible . The were the glue that held me together through this very difficult time. My surgical result was fabulous and the care I received finest. He is not only a remarkably skilled surgeon but a truly kind and compassionate man. Everyone who works with him is competent kind and intelligent , a winning combination. My thanks to you all.

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Breast Reduction, Breast Lift, Mommy Makeover, Tummy Tuck - What wasn't I satisfied with! The staff is amazing: they get to know you, they listen to your concerns and they're prompt and knowledgeable with their responses. Dr. Nachbar's bedside manner is the best I've ever encountered. He is funny and smart, and he knows his stuff. I wouldn't trust these procedures to anyone else but him.

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Love how I look and field - my results are just what I had hoped for - Amazing!! My results are just what I had hoped for. I am only 4 weeks out and already love how I look and feel. I was back to work 2 weeks after my procedures and did really well, 4 weeks now and I am resuming my workout routine and ready to go shopping for smaller sizes.The "circumferential" was key for me selecting Dr. Nachbar and I have no regrets. His confidence in this method was so reassuring and after comparing a typical tummy tuck to the circumferential, I knew Dr Nachbar was My Doctor.Dr Nachbar also performed a breast reduction and lift, my back pain is gone, and I look and feel lighter than ever.

C. RealSelf


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Surgical Technique

Breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure and is performed with general anesthesia.

Before surgery, Dr. Nachbar will carefully mark out the surgical plan, and in surgery he will release the nipple and areola from the surrounding skin, remove the outer layer of the skin in the lower breast, remove the unneeded skin to the sides of the lower breast, and elevate the skin so that the breast can be moved upward to where it belongs.

Dr. Nachbar will also create an "internal bra" with sutures to help hold the tissue upward.

If use of a breast implant is planned, the implant is placed under the pectoralis muscle at this time.

Following that, the surrounding tissue and skin will be pulled and lifted.

What to Expect

The overall recovery period for healing a breast reduction is similar to that of a breast lift, and is more lengthy than breast augmentation surgery, because there is a longer scar to heal. After surgery, you will have skin strips on the incisions, some gauze, and a loose Ace Wrap around the chest.  It is critical that the Ace Wrap be either loose or left off, because tightness here can interfere with blood supply to the nipple in the early post-operative period.

You can remove the Ace Wrap and gauze whenever you want, and should either replace it loosely, wear a very loose sports bra, or wear nothing tight on the chest.  After removing the Ace Wrap and gauze, at least temporarily, you may shower as early as the day of surgery.

Your first return visit with Dr. Nachbar will be within the first few days after surgery.  You should also expect to see some white sutures coming out around the areola and along the incisions for up to three months after surgery.  For patients in the Phoenix area, we often see them at one month, two months, and three months after surgery to help remove those sutures.  For patients who have traveled to Arizona for surgery, we can show you how to remove them yourself.

When breast implants are used in conjunction with a breast lift, you should expect the implants to be somewhat high immediately following surgery, and to settle into the breast over the weeks and months following surgery.

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Dr. Nachbar has assisted countless women to allow them to reclaim their health and enjoy a more robust life with cosmetic breast reduction. During your first visit at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery, Dr. Nachbar will talk through all of the options to reach your desired outcome and develop a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. We welcome you to call our practice in Scottsdale, AZ to discover more about this exceptional breast reduction procedure.

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