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Information About Plastic Surgery Procedures

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Breast augmentation surgery resizes the breast for a fuller appearance in order to enhance the size, shape, and profile.

Nipple/areola surgery can be performed to correct, reposition, and reduce the size of nipples that may be overly large, misshapen, inverted, etc.

A breast lift procedure can create a taut, lifted appearance by reducing excess skin and tightening the healthy tissue for firmer breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is performed to reduce the overall size of overly large breasts that may cause inconvenience or back pain.

Breast revision surgery is a procedure that is used to make revisions on a previous breast enhancement surgery to help achieve the desired appearance.

After weight loss surgery works to remove excess or sagging skin that can occur after a patient has lost a significant amount of weight.

Thigh Lift can be done either in conjunction with other surgery for patients who have experienced significant weight loss, or on its own.

A brachioplasty (arm lift) removes excess skin from the upper arms and tightens the remaining skin to create a firmer, more appealing look.

While every surgical case is special, some cases are more complex and difficult.

A Brazilian butt lift procedure includes taking excess fat from another area of the body through liposuction and depositing into the buttocks.

A fat transfer procedure involves using liposuction to obtain fat from an area of the body and then injecting it into a new area to increase fullness.

A labiaplasty is a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that can correct the size and shape of the labia, as well as remove loose excess skin from the area.

A liposuction procedure involves suctioning out fat from an area of the body, including the abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks to slim the area.

A mommy makeover is a combination of procedures and treatments to help women get their slim and tight pre-pregnancy body back after childbirth.

A No Drain tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure is performed to help remove unwanted sagging and loose skin or small amounts of fat on the abdomen.

We offer Lip Enhancement treatments using a variety of techniques including surgical, implant or injectable options to achieve a natural, fuller look.

A brow lift procedure offers a younger and rejuvenated look to the face by lifting the forehead to smooth out wrinkles or drooping skin.

Some patients still benefit from placement of a silicone rubber Chin Implant or other Facial Implant.

Earlobes often need repair either to correct tears or to close enlarged holes that can develop from placing a gauge or other piercing in the earlobe.

Cosmetic ear surgery is performed to alter the size and shape of the ears to create a more desirable appearance for children and adults.

An eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) procedure removes excess skin and lifts the upper and/or lower eyelid to create a more youthful, awake appearance.

A facelift surgery is used to create a smoother and youthful-looking look by elevating and tightening the skin to eliminate wrinkles and drooping.

A rhinoplasty (nose job) is performed to help alter the look, shape, and size of the nose for more appealing and natural-looking results.

Belotero Balance is an injectable hyaluronic acid filler that can treat facial wrinkles, lines, and folds to rejuvenate the facial skin.

BOTOX works to prevent and soften the appearance of lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles around the eyes, eyebrows, and forehead.

Dysport is an injectable wrinkle relaxer which can help to diminish wrinkles and lines on the face that are caused by aging and facial movements.

HA Facial Filler injections are used to fill in lines & wrinkles on the face; they can also be used to add volume to areas in need, such as the lips.

Radiesse is an injectable filler that can help to diminish facial lines and wrinkles by reinstating volume back into areas of the face.

Restylane corrects signs of aging, addresses lost volume in the face, and can eliminate facial lines and wrinkles with nonsurgical injections.

Voluma is an injectable dermal filler that is used to restore volume in the cheeks and mid-face to create a fuller, younger appearance.

Nonsurgical neck tightening with ThermiTight® can help tighten the skin on the neck and promote the production of collagen to treat skin laxity.

Scars can occur from surgery or from injury, however, it may be possible to try to reduce the appearance of your scars.

Science has taught us much about the maintenance of skin, including the need to avoid damage and the need to stimulate skin activity.

Whether it is a beauty mark, a mole or other imperfection, Dr. Nachbar will be happy to discuss your options for removing it.

If you have had a tattoo that you now would like to remove, you have several choices.

ThermiVa is a procedure that is used to tighten vaginal tissue and treat vaginal skin laxity to enhance both aesthetic appearance and functionality.

Laser skin resurfacing treatments can correct a number of imperfections on the skin, including scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, lines, etc.

Male chest enhancement procedures are used to enhance the appearance of the pectoral muscles by adding volume or removing excess surrounding fat.

Male breast reduction surgery is used to treat gynecomastia in men, which can cause an abnormal growth of breast tissue due to hormonal imbalance.

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