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Rhinoplasty in Scottsdale, AZ

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About Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Cosmetic nose surgery (rhinoplasty) is an aesthetic procedure that is used to improve the look and shape of the nose. In addition, rhinoplasty can help correct functionality in some patients.

Scottsdale, AZ plastic surgeon Dr. James Nachbar is a seasoned cosmetic plastic surgeon who offers rhinoplasty, taking a subtle approach to produce the most beautiful and natural-looking outcomes.

While rhinoplasty consists of slight changes, results usually are beautiful and dramatic. Rhinoplasty at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery is used to make a nose look smaller or enhance a nose that is misshapen, protrudes out, is too large or wide, or has a bump on top.

The goal is to produce a more aesthetically pleasing nose that meets your goals and functions as it should.

Ideal Candidates

Women and men both are candidates for rhinoplasty.

If you're displeased with the overall look of your nose and have specific concerns you wish to enhance or repair, this surgery may be for you.

It is important that realistic expectations are noted as your appearance will be changed, and the more precisely you understand the changes you want to make, the better the chance of a satisfying result.

Rhinoplasty is most often performed in adults, but those who are younger, but past puberty during which the nose grows significantly, may also be candidates, especially if they have a more severe deformity.

Surgical Technique

Dr. Nachbar performs rhinoplasty with the patient under general anesthesia.

Rhinoplasty techniques vary depending on the cosmetic goals of the patient.

Dr. Nachbar usually performs most rhinoplasty using an open technique, to get the best exposure to make the most precise corrections.  This requires a small incision on the undersurface of the columella (the central fleshy part of the undersurface of the nose.

The goal during surgery is to remove excess tissue and cartilage if there is too much present, or to improve, add, and support the cartilage if this is needed for reshaping.

Most often, Dr. Nachbar uses a cartilage graft from inside the nose to support the tip and allow it to be adjusted up, down, in, or out.

After the nose is adjusted and repositioned, the skin is draped over the newly enhanced framework.

Sutures are placed both inside the nose and also on the tiny columellar incision.  A plastic splint is placed on each side inside the nose, and a firm metal splint placed over the top of the nose to protect it.

What to Expect

After nose surgery, you will be sent home after you have awoken from anesthesia.

The area around the nose may be swollen, and bruised or black eye is possible.

As long as the metal splint is on the nose, the nasal bones are protected.  However, because the bones are usually moved during surgery, and there is no good way to hold them against force, it is important that, once the metal splint comes off or is removed, that you not wear glasses or sunglasses for about four to six weeks after surgery.

After about a week, Dr. Nachbar will remove the splint on top of the nose, the splints inside the nose, and the external sutures on the columella.

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Your Best Nose

You may be displeased with the appearance of your nose or have functional issues, but a rhinoplasty procedure may be able to help.

We encourage you to contact Dr. Nachbar's office, Scottsdale Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ, and make a consultation. Rhinoplasty is a highly sought after cosmetic treatment with high success rates.

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