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About Cosmetic Ear Surgery

More information about Otoplasty / Ear Reshaping or Pinning, including more before and after pics, is available by clicking here.

Ears that stick outwards and protrude, are misshapen and uneven, or are visibly too large can have a negative impact and affect your self-confidence, especially as a child.

Ear reshaping surgery (also known as otoplasty) is a cosmetic surgical procedure that can assist in redefining the size and shape of the ears and create a pleasing look.

Dr. James Nachbar is a plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, AZ who has assisted countless adults and children to overcome the fear of showing their ears by having this life-changing facial surgery.

What Are the Benefits of Ear Surgery?

If you're put off by the size or shape of your ears, a individualized ear surgery (otoplasty) procedure in Scottsdale, AZ at Scottsdale Plastic Surgery may help you or your child obtain a new level of self-assurance with upsides including:

  • Addresses a wide range of ear problems
  • Minimizes the visibility of overly large ears
  • Shifts ears that protrude to lay more flush against the head
  • Addresses disfigurement after a severe injury
  • Fixes up congenital ear irregularities
  • Amplifies confidence
  • Produces more natural-looking ears
  • Ear surgery (otoplasty) is safe and effective
  • May be done for those as young as 5 — 7

Ideal Candidates

Ear surgery can be done on a patient at any age; however, it is extremely common among young children and is suggested before they reach elementary school.

By age 5, this surgery can be used to get a good result in a child, and that is a good age to do the surgery.

We also have seen more adults having otoplasty, because modern hair styles tend to be shorter than in the past, so the ears are not as easily hidden.

If you feel embarrassed by the appearance of your ears because they stick out or are too large, otoplasty may be the ideal surgery to attain a natural-looking appearance. If you suffer from a damaged earlobe, you are also a candidate for otoplasty.

Ear Surgery - Dr. Nachbar performed otoplasty surgery on my daughter in July 2014. He did an amazing job and we could not be happier with the results! He is truly a gifted surgeon and I would recommend him to anyone considering going under the knife. Thank you Dr. Nachbar!

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Ear Surgery / Otoplasty - Every single team member I met is totally focused on not just meeting but exceeding their patient's expectations. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and professional. The facilities and technology are state of the art. Dr. Nachbar has established well thought out processes for every step of you experience. The passion the team has to produce a positive result comes through loud and clear.

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Ear Surgery / Otoplasty - Professional and informative

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Surgical Technique

Cosmetic otoplasty is generally performed using general anesthesia. In most cases, the incision is made near the back of the ear, so the scar will be well hidden.

During surgery, cartilage is reshaped, and a portion removed, to create a more natural appearance. 

Most often, there is poor formation of the antihelical fold of the ear, especially in the upper ear, that causes the top of the ear to stick out more than the bottom.  This is addressed by weakening the cartilage at that area, and then placing sutures from behind to bend the top of the ear backward and reconstruct that antihelical fold.

Then, additional cartilage is often removed from the conchal bowl, to reduce the prominence in the middle part of the ear.  However, this must be done carefully, with care not to remove too much cartilage here, which can cause a "telephone" configuration, where the upper and lower ear stick out more than the middle of the ear.

Finally, additional sutures are placed between the ear cartilage and the mastoid fascia, to hold the entire ear backward.

Generally, there is no need to make an incision in the front of the ear, but sometimes skin is removed from the back of the ear, if there is now too much skin.

Usually, both ears are corrected during otoplasty to ensure they look and appear balanced.

Once the ears are surgically corrected, the incisions are closed with sutures and are bandaged so they can remain safeguarded for healing, but once the patient is fully awake, Dr. Nachbar generally allows the patient to remove the dressing.

What to Expect

Once treatment has finished and it is safe to leave the outpatient surgery center, you will rest and recover at home. Dr. Nachbar or a member of his team will give recovery instructions.

It is important for you or your child not to touch, pick at, or scratch the ears. Furthermore, you or your child should avoid laying on the ears, instead sleeping facing forward for the first several days. This is usually easier than it sounds, because it will be tender if you start to turn and lay on the ears.

You will immediately see the reduction in projection of the ears, but it does take several weeks for healing to complete, and often there is some prominence at the conchal area in front, until the body absorbs the fluid there.

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Reshape Your Ears

Overly prominent ears can be a point of concern, and correction can make a huge difference to you or your child.

Ear surgery (otoplasty) can help your child avoid teasing at school or help you if you feel uncomfortable about your ears.

Contact Scottsdale Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, AZ to schedule your appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Nachbar and learn more about cosmetic ear reshaping surgery.

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