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Lesion Removal

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Whether it is a beauty mark that you don't find so beautiful anymore, or a mole or other imperfection, Dr. Nachbar will be happy to discuss your options for removing it.

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Often, patients will come in with something that has been bothering them, or that they are worried about.  If you want to know what "that thing" is without having it removed, a dermatologist is probably your best resource.  They spend all day long, every day, looking at skin, and can often tell you what it is.  However, if you have decided that you don't care what it is, you want it GONE, or if the dermatologist cannot tell what it is without a biopsy (and especially if she wants to do a punch biopsy, which is very easy to do but leaves a round hole in your skin), a plastic surgeon may be your best bet to get the best scar possible from the excision.

Our Approach

While most lesion excisions will involve removal and closure, there are many details that should be considered.  A simple punch-biopsy will produce some tissue for the pathologist to look at, but is generally done without planning (or even intending) the closure.  Smaller lesions can be excised in a simpler fashion than larger lesions, which may require Z-Plasty or other flap closure to be considered for the best possible result.

Once the procedure is planned, most excisions (especially simpler ones) can be performed in the office under local anesthesia without much interruption in your schedule.  Most often, we will recommend removable sutures to give the best result, but there are many considerations that affect this choice, including patient convenience.

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