8896 East Becker Lane Suite 102, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
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Scottsdale Plastic Surgery

About Our Facility

At Scottsdale Plastic Surgery, LLC, we take great pride in offering a comfortable and efficient facility. Every detail is for the benefit of our patients and to help them feel confident and comfortable.

We hate to make our patients wait (who wants to wait at a doctor's office?), so we don't have a waiting room, we have a reception area.

Our consultation rooms are designed like a living area, for your comfort, and we have convenient changing closets to hold your belongings and clothing, rather than leaving you to drape them on a chair.

Our consultation rooms also have the innovative "Privacy Door," which is installed in what architects call the "wrong" way, but which protects your privacy when the door is partially open.

While we do major procedures at an accredited surgery or hospital, we do minor procedures in the office.  We also have a third-generation 3-D Breast Surgery Simulator, and we had the first 3-D Breast Surgery Simulator in Arizona, installed in 2008.

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