BOTOX® To Flatten The "Elevens" Between the Eyebrows




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BOTOX® works by temporarily weakening the muscles, by interfering with the signal from the nerve into the muscle to make it contract. BOTOX® takes about four to seven days to work, and the effect lasts about three to four months. I injected BOTOX® into my glabellar muscles (which cause the "elevens" between the eyebrows), and you can see the effect a few days later. You have to try to contract the muscle to demonstrate the BOTOX® effect, of course. I injected BOTOX® into my own forehead (come on, diabetics do it literally every day, although maybe not into their foreheads, and Dr. Nachbar personally does all of the injections in his office), but I had my nurse push the plunger because I could not see it with the needle in my forehead. Warning: professional driver on closed course; don't try this at home.

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