Scottsdale Tattoo Excision Large Shoulder Tattoo, Three Excisions Over 8 Months




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This woman had a tattoo on her back near her right shoulder. She was not happy with the first tattoo, so she got a second tattoo over the first. She went to get laser treatment, but could not see that the laser was making any difference on her tattoo. She found Dr. Nachbar online, and came to our Scottsdale office. Dr. Nachbar explained that it would take several procedures to excise this tattoo, and the final scar would be longer than the tattoo itself. She wanted the tattoo gone, so Dr. Nachbar performed three serial excisions four months apart, over eight months total. She is very pleased to have her tattoo gone. The scars fade over time, and I included photos showing how the scar looked only a few months after the last excision, and also a year and a half afterwards. Over time, the scars typically fade and become less thick, but as shown here (especially on the back) they can widen.

Back View


18 Months After

Close-Up View


18 Months After

Scar Fading

3 Months After

9 Months After

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