Removal of Tattoo Around the Belly Button / Umbilicus in Scottsdale




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This woman wanted to remove a large tattoo around her Belly Button. In her own words, "I have a tattoo around my belly button which I got when I was very young. I want to have this tattoo covered up with plastic surgery, whether to use skin from another part of body and put skin over tattoo to hide it, or however Dr. Nachbar decides it should be done." She had never consulted with a plastic surgeon before, but when she came to our Scottsdale office, Dr. Nachbar explained that this tattoo could be surgically excised, but that would produce a significant scar. We also talked about other potential treatments, such as laser, but she was not concerned about the scar, and knew that surgical excision is much faster (immediate!) and more complete than laser, and also less expensive than a full course of laser treatments. Dr. Nachbar excised her tattoo for her, and she was very happy. She is shown only one month after surgery; like most tattoo excision patients, she has moved on with her life quickly after the offending tattoo was removed.

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1 Month After

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