Closure of Ear Gauge Holes for aspiring Police Officer




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This young lady had large, stretched-out earlobes from placement of ear gauges, which she had for a number of years. Now, she wanted to apply for the police academy, but these stretched-out earlobes were disqualifying. Dr. Nachbar performed an in-office procedure to close the large holes in the ears, and six weeks later he re-pierced the earlobes and placed small earrings to keep the piercings open. Here she is shown both six weeks after the closure, just before the re-piercing, when the scars were still pink, and then again four months after the re-piercing. Ready to serve the community as a police officer!

Right Ear


Six Weeks After

Left Ear


Six Weeks After

After Re-Piercing

Right Ear with Earring

Left Ear with Earring

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