Scottsdale Labiaplasty for Enhanced Clitoral Stimulation and Improved Appearance




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This woman in her 30s had a clitoral piercing, and came to Dr. Nachbar's Scottsdale office for a labiaplasty. Dr. Nachbar carefully listened to her goals; in her own words, "Primarily, I would like a clitoral hood reduction for the purpose of enhanced clitoral stimulation. I would like to keep my hood piercing if at all possible. I would also be interested in a labiaplasty for aesthetic purposes." In addition to the clitoral hood tightening the Dr. Nachbar often does with labiaplasty, she wanted reduction of the tissue covering the clitoral head itself. This tissue is often called the "prepuce," which is a term that also refers to the male foreskin, which is the analogous tissue in the male. Dr. Nachbar performed her labiaplasty, including prepuce reduction for increased exposure of the clitoral head by about 3 mm, preserving her clitoral piercing (which was removed for the surgery but then put back in afterwards). Also, a small skin tag was removed.




Close-Up View


2 Months After

Tissue Removed, inc. Prepuce

Surgical Tissue


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