Scottsdale Labia Minora Reduction after Several Attempts




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This mid-50s woman had struggled with enlarged labia over the years. She had a gynecologist attempt to do a labiaplasty, and then several additional attempts including liposuction of the labia majora and an additional attempt at reducing the labia majora. However, she did not like the way this looked when she stood. She was referred to Dr. Nachbar's Scottsdale Office by someone she met in another plastic surgeon's office, and Dr. Nachbar performed a reduction of the labia majora, which finally gave her the result she had wanted. Here, listening to the patient is the most important thing. By carefully determining what was bothering her, Dr. Nachbar was able to fix it. The close-up after pic is only one month after surgery, so the scar is vey pink, but that shows the exact area where Dr. Nachbar had to reduce the labia majora.

Front View


2 Months After

Close-Up View


1 Month After

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