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Dr. Nachbar wants every patient to achieve their goals, and to have a great experience at our practice. We are grateful to all of our patients who have shared their experience online. We have assembled a list of our patients' reviews, so you can learn more about what to expect, and to help you feel comfortable about choosing our practice. We invite you to browse our reviews and testimonials to learn about our patients, their procedures, and their results.

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Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Mar 15, 2022

Tummy tuck w/lipo and medial thigh lift - this is a long time coming - This is a long time coming... been wanting a Tummy Tuck for over 10 years. I seen that Dr. Nachbar does drainless tummy tucks and I didn't want to be bothered with drains. After my initial consultation I had with him I was energized but shocked by the dollar amount. I had a surgery scheduled in Miami that was $10k for TT and Breast lift but decided that I wanted to go to a Board certified Plastic Surgeon and a place that's isn't operate like a pill mill, also after care was imperative for me. Dr Nachbar required an overnight stay.In preparation of surgery I had to take a COVID test at least 72 hours prior, to surgery day. I also made sure I stayed hydrated and listened to relax and healing sounds in my sleep so that calmness would be in my subconscious. The day of surgery I got dropped off they gave my husband all the instructions and information he needed at the car since no visitors are allowed. So basically they drop you off and pick you up the next day that felt Weird but I understood Covid protocols.All the Dr's and nurses bedside manners were outstanding. All I remember is being wheeled in and waking up. Since I plan to come back and get a thigh lift he also started on my thigh repair since I was already going to be on my stomach with my lipo to the back and my 360 tummy tuck, the Dr did a thigh lift putting the incisions under my buttocks.The over night stay was just like any other hospital stay, I would say it was way more attention than after delivering a baby. The nurses gave me pin meds through my IV and antibiotics, also assisted with getting up and using the bathrooms. I also had leg cuffs on, blood pressure cuff and the finger thing on at all times. Every time I called the nurse they came within seconds. When I go back to get my next surgery I am looking forward ti that overnight care.The discharge day 03/12 they called my husband he was already outside waiting and it was a struggle getting into the car, but by taking my time and lifting not scooting it saves me a world of pain. However later that day we realized I had an opening in my back wound. We called the Dr he had me come to his office and he repaired the whole. No one was in the office so the office was closed and it appeared the Sr and his wife was out enjoying the day and stopped everything to close my wound. More

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