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Difficult Breast Implant Removal with Breast Lift with Subglandular Capsulectomy*


40 - 49
5’ 6” - 6’ 0”
100 - 149 lbs

Procedure Details

This mother-of-three in her late 40s had originally had a breast biopsy for a benign breast mass, and subsequently had breast augmentation with saline breast implants placed in the subglandular position (above the muscle) through an incision near the lower part of the nipple by another plastic surgeon in Tucson 14 years previously. She was initially happy with her surgery, but subsequently the implant capsule (scar) around the implant on the right became very tight and contracted. She came to Dr. Nachbar's Scottsdale office. We discussed that she would need both implant removal and right-sided capsular removal, but that there was a higher risk of loss of the breast tissue and nipple when the implants are above the muscle and a breast lift was needed. However, with very careful and conservative dissection, Dr. Nachbar was able to do the breast implant removal and right-sided capsulectomy, along with a breast lift. Dr. Nachbar performed a No-Drain Tummy Tuck on her at the same time. Because of the limited dissection needed on the right side, she has a little extra skin on the outer part of the right breast. Dr. Nachbar could improve that with an in-office procedure if that extra skin bothers her.


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