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Post-Baby Tune Up® Mommy Makeover With Weight Loss Before and After Surgery*


40 - 49
5’ 0” - 5’ 5”
150 - 199 lbs

Procedure Details

This woman had delivered six children through the years, and it had taken a toll on her figure. She had managed to lose 20 pounds, but as you can see in her "Before" pictures, she was not satisfied that she could even see the result of all her hard work. She came to our Scottsdale office, and Dr. Nachbar planned a combined procedure to address all of her issues at a single surgery. He performed Breast Reduction, removing 700 grams (one and a half pounds) from the right breast and 900 grams (two pounds) from the left breast. He combined that with lifting the breasts, and used a modest 200 cc highly cohesive silicone gel breast implant on each side for shape. For her Tummy, Dr. Nachbar performed a Circumferential No-Drain Tummy Tuck (Body Lift) to tighten her front, sides, and back. Dr. Nachbar removed a total of 14 pounds of breast and body tissue. Then came the hard part: over the subsequent eight months, she managed to lose another 40 pounds. She is a perfect example of the dramatic results that can be achieved when we combine surgical refinement with weight control and exercise (the three legs of the stool).


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